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Dancing for the Stars raises money to support local causes including the Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation, as well as Rotary International programs.

 Dancing for the Stars is also an unique, fun-filled, star-studded, community-wide fundraiser – sponsored annually by the The Rotary Club of Colleyville.

Area celebrities are paired with a professional dance instructor to prepare one dance,

which will be performed at the event!

Votes are cast by donating money in the name of the dancer of your choice.  The dancer who collects the most votes ($$$) is the champion!  (But the real winners are the charities and causes we support!)

Vote! Vote! Vote! And support our competitors...

Jay Steinkamp & Raven Landeros 

​Doug Duval & Raven Landeros 

​Janine Castleberry & Robert Silva

​(Click on the picture of the Star you want to vote ($$$) for.)

Level I Class

This class focuses on the basic elements of

Argentine Tango such as:

The embrace, walking, forward crosses(ochos), backward crosses(ochos), the follower's cross, and ocho cortado.

​Level II Class

This class focuses on the basic elements of

Argentine Tango such as:

molinetes, sacadas, boleos, ganchos, paradas etc.

We'll begin to stress recognition/connection of different elements(steps), the foundation of improvisation.

How to incorporate all this elements in your social dance.
For this class you must have knowledge of the elements taught in our Level I class.!

• Upcoming Events •

Milonga Del Centro it's a great place to socialize,

​ meet new friends and have fun dancing Argentine Tango. We love sharing the art of dancing one step at a time!

​"Milonga" is a term for a place or an event for Argentine Tango social dance. The music played is mainly Tango, Vals, and Milonga (as the music genre). But the emphasis is on connection, lead, and follow.

​The dancer dances for his own and his partner's pleasure,

​and not to be confused with performance dancing.

​Aura and Peter Hoi's Milonga Del Centro is held at Danceworks.Studio every last Sunday of the month.

The cover charge is $10 and you are allowed to bring the beverages of your choice. 

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