​​What is included in my rental fee and agreement?

Exclusive use of the entirety of Danceworks.Studio building space (except for studio management office), and Furniture and Amenities (see Event Space Rental Rates section).


What is NOT included in my rental fee and agreement?

•     Catering, furniture rental, and all event production costs.  We offer the listed

       Furniture and Amenities free of charge.  However, all other furniture must be

       provided by renter.

•     Host liquor liability insurance (estimated $150)

•     TABC bartenders

•     Clean up provided by Danceworks.Studio (at the end of event): $100


Am I required to hire a specific vendor(s)?

You may choose any vendor(s) you like.  All alcohol must be served by TABC bartenders.  Alcohol may NOT be sold on site, but can be given away as part of your event.


Who sets up, breaks down, and cleans up after my event?

The catering service or your volunteers set up, break down, and clean up after your event.  Danceworks.Studio only provides the event space for you to use.  All of the other production-oriented needs are be handled by the renter.


Can I hang decoration on the walls or from the ceiling and rafters?

You may hang decorations using museum putty, SureTape, string or wire.  Nails, glue guns, tacks, and tape are not allowed.


Are sound, lighting and video equipment included?  Or staging for live music?

Danceworks.Studio provides use of the WIFI and the SONOS sound system (connected by blue tooth device-not provided). Hue and LED multicolored drop- and strip-lighting, and video screen and control equipment may be used for a fee (see Optional Additional Fees for pricing).  Rent must provide all other audio/visual and staging needs.

What is your capacity?

Maximum capacity for Danceworks.Studio is 100 people.


How much parking is available?

The entire Southlake Plaza Shopping Center at 2000 E. State Hwy. 114 accommodates 50 standard parking spaces and 4 handicapped parking spaces.  The parking spaces are shared with 3 other tenants; therefore, the number of open parking spaces varies.  However, most events take place in the evening or on the weekend when the other tenants do not do business, leaving most parking spaces available for use by Danceworks.Studio customers.  Additional parking is available on Cherry Ln., the street adjacent to Southlake Plaza Shopping Center.


Do you give discount for non-profits or art events?

We have priced our event space rental rates very competitively for the location.  We feel they are at the lowest that we can accept for use of the event space.  We recommend lower budget events consider using our lower priced weekly openings.


Can we have live music outside?

We do not allow music outdoors, live or otherwise.  All bands and DJ’s must set up inside.


How do I book my rental?

A signed Event Space Rental Agreement, a security deposit of $150, and one-half (1/2) of the rental fee are due to secure your date.  The other one-half of the rental fee is due two (2) weeks before the event, at which time all payments made (except security deposit) are fully non-refundable.

The security deposit is refundable during the week after the event, adjusted for the cost of repair of damages incurred during the event, if any.